outsourced copywriting servicesThe concept of outsourcing typically has a negative connotation here in North America. But not all outsourcing is bad, especially if you’re contracting with a company that’s also based in the United States.

That has been the case when it comes to businesses—including a great number of marketing and PR firms—outsourcing their content needs to a third-party copywriting services provider. Firms like ProPRcopy have all U.S.-based copywriters and editors, but also have efficient processes in place that allow them to deliver high-quality written content at much more affordable rates than a company would find with in-house employees or even by hiring freelance writers.

Furthermore, because their writers live and work in North America, U.S.-based content writing firms offer exponentially better quality than cheap, overseas copy mills.

Part of a growing trend

More than ever, businesses are relying on freelancers, consultants and third-party agencies to handle at least some of their operations. According to the 2015 Hiring and Working Trends Report from Expert360, just 25 percent of all business was outsourced in 2011. By 2015, that number was up to 31 percent, and it’s expected to continue to increase to about 40 percent within the next two to three years.

Outsourcing just one aspect of your business, such as your content writing needs, can be a great way to grow, improve your bottom line and give yourself and your team more time to focus on other important aspects of your operations.

As the old saying goes, quality typically trumps quantity. But why can’t you have both? Today’s marketing and PR firms are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the high volumes of content they need to create for their clients. By outsourcing to a team of skilled copywriters, these companies are able to scale up and provide their clients with quality content at affordable rates.

Democratizing the content marketing world

Small business owners have a great deal of in-depth knowledge about their industry, but often have difficulty translating that information into clear language for the average reader. Rather than writing blog content and articles that might not get the right ideas across, copywriting service providers staff professional copywriters who know how to write excellent, informative content.

For PR and marketing firms, an outsourced content writing provider allows them to do what they do best—develop comprehensive, well-researched marketing strategies for their clients. In the weeks and months that follow, these firms can then follow up by providing their clients with compelling, original blog content, articles, news releases, white papers, case studies and anything else they might need as part of any particular campaign.

So, if you’ve been wavering between hiring more in-house staff or turning to an overseas provider, know that there is a third, potentially better option in the form of content writing services based here in the United States. These firms deliver some welcome relief to businesses throughout North America, giving them greater flexibility as they ramp up their content marketing efforts.

ProPRcopy is a widely respected copywriting firm with professional copywriters who serve businesses and organizations across a broad range of industries.