It used to be that in the days before the Internet, marketing departments were filled with professionals who all had defined roles in churning out different components of an advertising or public relations campaign. Copywriters would work in tandem with graphic designers to produce marketing collateral, campaign managers would plot the course of a project and delegate work, media outreach professionals would disseminate press releases through their accumulated contact chains and brand managers would field media inquiries.

Today, a marketing department is structured a little differently, thanks largely to a leap in technology and the importance of online marketability. Social media managers have become one of the fastest-growing candidates for comprehensive marketing teams, alongside blog content writers and search optimization experts. For growing companies — and even their established corporate counterparts — this expansion of roles is something that hasn’t been easily addressed.

Speaking the right language

Why the explosion of new roles and niche expertise? What makes someone like a blogger essential to a business’s marketing team? It’s simple — brands will always flock to where their consumers reside, and today there’s no bigger watering hole than the web. Knowing how to communicate in this ever-changing medium is critical when it comes to connecting with your audience, and speaking the right language makes all the difference.

Each new marketing role in the digital age serves an important purpose in crafting an online campaign. Take a look at how some of the newest job openings are making the biggest impacts on brand visibility as it exists online:

  • Chief Content Officers (COO): Managing your brand’s online reputation is very different from managing it in a traditional sense. For starters, it’s a lot more time intensive and comprehensive. Not only does a Chief Content Officer oversee the content your company is pushing out, he or she also executes reputation management as it applies to any and all information being disseminated about your company. Through the COO, you’ll develop your online content strategy, build your knowledge base and work to establish your brand as a reliable source for information related to your field.
  • Editorial Director: Your business may close its doors for the day at 5 p.m., but the Internet is always open. The Editorial Director on your staff ensures that your business and the information it has to offer remains accessible 24/7/365 by determining the content and information broadcasting schedules of your company. Whether it’s planning your next Twitter campaign or working on engaging blog content, the Editorial Director is your marketing team’s foremost authority on information dissemination.
  • Bloggers and content writers: Having the perfect content marketing campaign is great, but without the content to drive it forward toward success, it’s destined to fall short. Bloggers and copywriters serve the all-important purpose of developing relevant content that’s engaging and credible. This team, no matter how big or small, is the backbone of your online marketing campaign. They are quite literally your Internet interpreters, translating your brand’s story into a language easily digested by the masses.

Expanding the team

As you’ve probably already realized by now, it’s no small feat to coordinate a whole new branch of marketing professionals aimed at online dominance — let alone coming up with the funds and capacity to make full-time hires. Because each of these positions represents a skilled trade in a world of online ambivalence, these professionals don’t come cheap.

What’s a brand to do?

It comes down to an executive decision — make a long-term investment in your company by hiring an assortment of new marketing professionals or find a content partner, like ProPRcopy, that rolls all of these responsibilities into a single, streamlined service.

With ProPRcopy, the task of seeking out an array of qualified individuals is virtually eliminated thanks to a variety of bundled services. Here’s how it works:

  1. Brands request blog posts, web copy, press releases, articles or other types of content from ProPRcopy
  2. Content is researched and developed by ProPRcopy writers
  3. Content is optimized by ProPRcopy editors and quality checked for a variety of different variables, including proper grammar, keywords and the accuracy of the subject matter
  4. Content is delivered to the brand (and revised if necessary) to fit within the parameters of the business’s marketing campaign

The best part? The cost of leveraging ProPRcopy’s professional services — equivalent to an entire department of digital marketing professionals — equates to a fraction of the price to employ all of these niche talents in-house.

In the digital realm, where “content is king,” smart businesses and concerned marketing managers are turning to ProPRcopy for top-quality content writing services to help their brand messages flourish — all at a cost that makes digital marketing smoother than ever.

Kyle Danowski is a senior editor for ProPRcopy, one of the nation’s leading copywriting firms. The company provides rich, informative content for businesses and organizations worldwide.