There are many companies out there that provide copywriting services. In fact, if you do a little searching, you can find services that charge as little as 99 cents per article. What a deal!


We like to call these companies “content mills.” You place an order into one end of the mill and copy comes out the other. You have no idea who actually wrote your content, where that person is located and what experience and expertise—if any—he or she has. And if you have questions or would like revisions, you have the pleasure of working with a customer service representative located in a call center somewhere.

Over the years, we’ve heard countless horror stories about content mills. Very often these companies outsource everything to India, and some even have computers write their content for them. If they do happen to have U.S.-based writers, they pay them so little that the quality is sub-par at best.

Plus, these companies operate on a much different model than ProPRcopy. Most act simply as a matchmaker, connecting customers with freelancers. As you might imagine, this does little to mitigate the common headaches of trying to track down and work with a dependable freelance copywriter.

ProPRcopy is different. We’re the anti-content mill. We provide very high-quality press releases, articles, blog content, website copy and more, with old-school customer service that allows you to work directly with an actual human being.

No, we don’t send you to a customer service rep when you have a question. Instead, you have direct phone and email access to an editor—the actual person who edits and oversees the writing of every single piece of content you order.

We also pay our copywriters better, which means they actually care about the content they produce. But it’s not just that. Even though our writers and editors are located across the country, we’re a family. While we continue to grow at a rapid pace, we still consider ourselves a small business—and our copywriters and editors are all highly engaged in the growth and success of our firm.

We also have a robust hiring and training process, and we work with some truly exceptional copywriting professionals. Our writers and editors have experience across a wide range of communications-related fields, including public relations, journalism, marketing, social media, advertising and broadcasting. Every single one is based in the United States—mostly Wisconsin and Oregon—and holds at least a bachelor’s degree.

All of this combined makes ProPRcopy a true leader in offering high-quality copywriting services. On the other hand, the efficient process we’ve developed allows us to provide written content at very affordable rates. In short, you get the same or better quality you’d get with a traditional PR or marketing firm, at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re exhausted by the unsatisfactory search for a dependable copywriter or copywriting service, we invite you to give ProPRcopy a try. Isn’t it time you worked with a firm that considers you a partner, rather than just a customer?

Steve Bailey is the executive editor of ProPRcopy