Revisions Policy

Learn more about how to request revisions on content we’ve written, as well as any other content that might need an editor’s keen eye.

how it works

At ProPRcopy, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality content. Sometimes, this means revising something we’ve written, to better align with your expectations. If we’ve missed the mark, haven’t captured your voice or made a mistake, we’re more than happy to fix it. We provide revisions free of charge for up to 7 days after content is delivered. This gives our clients enough time to review everything with their team, request changes and get them back in a timely manner. It’s our way of guaranteeing the very best content.

7-Day Free Revisions

Revisions requested within 7 days are 100% free! If you need revisions on anything written by ProPRcopy, let us know. Just send an email to the editor who delivered your content with feedback or an outline of revisions and we’ll take care of them fast—usually within a couple of days.

Affordable Revisions

Revisions requested after 7 days are billed at $39/hr. If you have revisions on content delivered more than 7 days ago, we’re still happy to make changes. Email any proposed changes to the editor who delivered your content and they’ll follow up with a cost estimate. After they completed, revisions are billed separately.

We Edit Other Content

Revisions for content not written by ProPRcopy are billed at $39/hr. We treat pieces not originally written by ProPRcopy as new projects. Our approach to these revisions is thorough, from revising the prose to checking citations. Rest assured, you’ll get a polished piece back!

Quick Turnaround

Most revisions completed in just 24-48 hours. When working on bulk projects (product descriptions, high-volume blogs), we respectfully request batch revisions from our clients. This gives us a chance to break down the workflow and make sure we’re not missing anything.

How to ask for revisions

Even the best writers miss the mark occasionally. If your content doesn’t meet your expectations, let us know how to make it right! There are a few great ways to share feedback and communicate the changes you need. Using one or more of the methods below to communicate your feedback ensures we’re able to process any revisions properly. Remember: the more we know about how we came up short, the better job we can do in fixing it.

Track Changes

Use the mark-up tool in Microsoft Word to add notes or track changes where needed.

Highlight Changes

Highlight or change the text color in areas you want content revised or rewritten.

Outline Notes

Provide bulleted feedback about what, specifically, you like or dislike in the content.