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The world of PK-12 education has become an increasingly competitive place. Policies like school choice, vouchers and open enrollment have led to a need for districts to market themselves and attract incoming families to their schools. Many are working with school PR writers to develop messaging and content that set their schools apart.

Education marketing and communication is a space we know well. ProPRcopy’s sister company is the Donovan Group, a Milwaukee-based school communication firm that works exclusively with public schools and districts throughout the Midwest. Thanks to these roots, our school PR writers understand the needs and goals of school districts, creating articles, e-newsletters, blog posts, social media content and press releases that help you reach your target audience.

We’ve also written about the most pressing issues in education, such as school funding, closing achievement gaps and how schools deal with declining enrollment. We regularly assist with content marketing strategies, crisis communication and referendum or ballot measure efforts.

To learn more about working with a team of education marketing writers to advance your school district’s communication goals, contact us and get a quote today.

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School choice and voucher programs nearly doubled between 2011 and 2016. Schools and districts must market themselves to remain competitive in a changing educational landscape.

Many school districts have fewer than 30% of households whose children attend local schools. Outreach must be focused on a wider range of constituencies—beyond parents alone.

School boundaries are a primary factor for more than 60% of homebuyers. It’s critical that districts create and maintain a positive brand image to attract these families.

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