One of the biggest misconceptions out there—and one that’s often subscribed to by brands—is the idea that you can gain more readers, followers and views if you simply post as much content as possible across as many networks as you can find. But producing content is not like buying real estate. In fact, over-asserting yourself on your customers may even backfire in the long run.

Most brands today are taking advantage of social media to reach out to their customers and establish their identities on multiple channels. It’s a great method of communication that provides customers insight to your business while providing you with almost instantaneous feedback.

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To get the most out of your brand’s social media efforts, the first thing you should consider is your audience. You might be able to cater to some demographics more effectively on one platform compared to another, so have a way to track the analytics on each social media site by measuring each platform’s foot traffic, peak viewing hours and who is visiting.

Quality is still better than quantity on social media, even on platforms designed for live updates like Twitter. Spamming your followers every half-hour with subjects that only mildly relate to your industry or business will turn them off to not only your content, but also your brand. Always align your posts with pre-established metrics and goals for your social media efforts, and continuously track the responses you get to different types of content you post.

Are you struggling for new content ideas? Read up on trends in your industry and news publications. Search PRWeb for press releases, where you can even search by industry and company. Check out consumer and enthusiast blogs that have established followings. These sites provide outstanding sources of inspiration, and linking back to their posts or referencing a reputable third party can set you up for future content relationship.

In some cases, you could prompt a reputable authors to write guest blog posts for you, bringing some of their followers to you. Credibility goes a long way toward establishing successful social media and blog content.

Your online presence is about more than how much content you can post. The most important outcome you can achieve from these efforts is to gain subscribers—not just readers. When your customers are actively engaged with your brand, you gain key insights from your conversations and encourage people to recommend your company to their friends and family.

Allison Lewis is an associate editor with ProPRcopy