real estate bloggingReal estate professionals operate in fast-paced, highly competitive worlds that require them to proactively market their services online. This is largely because, according to the National Association of Realtors, more than 90 percent of buyers start their search for new homes online.

Keeping an engaging and up-to-date blog is an excellent way to highlight your firm’s expertise while enhancing your search engine visibility. Effective real estate blogging also helps you assert your knowledge of the markets you serve, building greater trust from your current and potential clients.

Choosing your content topics

If you’re ready to kick-start your content marketing efforts, there are several subject areas that are relevant and interesting to nearly any market. Here are some ideas to help you develop real estate blogging content that strikes a chord with your target audience:

1. Preparing a mortgage application: The process of applying for a mortgage can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for first-time home buyers. Offering a guide that informs readers on how to prepare a successful mortgage application is an excellent way to offer something of value to your audience.

2. Interesting architecture: Every market has an aesthetic all its own. Highlighting your area’s architectural heritage and diversity informs buyers on the true history and value of the properties they’re purchasing. These types of blog posts also demonstrate why certain properties hold value better than others.

3. Home remodeling and reevaluation: Many homeowners will want to customize and redefine their spaces as soon as they settle in. Offering helpful hints on how they can increase the value of their properties as soon as they take the keys allows you to both showcase your knowledge and take a swoop at potential resale opportunities.

4. Answers to frequently asked questions: If there are common questions current and prospective clients frequently send your way, take the time to address them in one or more blog posts. This offers incredible value and could also result in more informed clients seeking your services in the future.

5. Options for alternative energy: Homeowners want to know about the different sustainability initiatives they can take advantage of in your state or city. Consider creating a blog post outlining local tax incentives and the different types of energy alternatives best suited for your market.

6. Information on local schools: Even if your prospective buyers tend to be younger couples or individuals without children, schools often define neighborhoods. Highlighting the achievements and opportunities of your local school district is another great way to demonstrate your commitment to the community and woo potential buyers to the area.

7. Decorating tips and suggestions: Interior decorating, renovations and lawn maintenance can help both new homeowners and established families revamp the look and feel of their homes. Help your clients find their style by highlighting some different ideas and design trends.

8. Local news and events: Keeping your real estate blogging efforts local reflects the fact that your firm is plugged into the community. In larger cities, highlighting neighborhood-specific events can help you showcase what makes each part of the market in which you operate unique and active.

9. Home staging tips: Sellers expend large amounts of time and energy preparing their homes before they go on the market. You can assist your clients by allowing them to understand what today’s buyers are looking for in a new home. Additionally, you may be able to provide them with decorating suggestions to set their properties apart.

10. Reasonable budgets for your market: Managing expectations is a key component of any real estate agent’s job. Establishing what prospective buyers can expect with certain budgets in your town is a great real estate blogging topic that can also save you a lot of time and effort in the long term.

Creating well-crafted, informative content that offers valuable tips to future home buyers will put you on track for a successful real estate blog. If you need assistance with these efforts, consider working with a professional content creation agency.

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