out-tasking content creationIf you’re a professional in the marketing world, you know all about one of the most dominant industry themes over the past few years: content marketing. Traditional marketing and PR firms across the country and around the world have adjusted their focus to deliver top-quality content that their clients can use to drive traffic and engage potential customers.

The challenge in taking this content-heavy approach, however, is that it’s not easy to fulfill such a large volume of copy. Articles, blog content, press releases, social media content and refreshed web copy take time to develop, and it’s expensive to have in-house staff take on the role of content creators.

Another option is to hire freelancer copywriters, which can help to cut costs. However, this is rarely a dependable long-term option, as the quality is never consistent and freelancers are known to miss deadlines.

Fortunately, there is a third option.

Working with a content agency

By working with a copywriting firm, you can take the pain out of content creation. These firms have the talent, capacity and processes in place to create quality written content efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus on outlining social media and content marketing strategies that get results for your clients.

The benefits of outsourcing content creation to a copywriting service are wide reaching. All these firms do is create quality written content, and they have the capability to get up to speed on even the most complex subjects quickly—usually with a short learning curve. This even includes doing research online, something that eats up the time of your in-house staff.

One of the biggest advantages is the reliability. Professional copywriting firms have large teams that ensure all content is not only well researched and of the highest quality, but that it’s also delivered on time. This comes as a major relief to many marketing and PR firm account managers, who can spend less time worrying about whether or not the next deadline will be met.

Our firm, ProPRcopy, is emerging as a leader in the content creation space. We work with a number of PR, marketing and communications firms across the U.S. and Canada, helping them deliver engaging website and blog content, white papers, articles, press releases and social media content to their clients on a regular basis. Often working off an editorial calendar that we develop in conjunction with the marketing firm, our copywriters make it as easy as possible to improve the level of service our clients can deliver to their own customers’ content marketing solutions.

As more and more marketing firms look to increase their presence in the content marketing space, copywriting agencies are quickly becoming a critical part of content fulfillment.