blog writer, copy writersEntrepreneurs undergo a lot of training for better interpersonal communication, as startups depend on the early connections their leaders make with others.

With so much of our communication taking place over digital platforms in today’s world, the way small business communicate online is just as important as how sales reps interact with partners and customers.

Here are some tips to help your brand engage in better digital communication:

  • Emotion is still important: You lose a lot of the emotion of a face-to-face conversation when you’re communicating via a computer or smartphone screen, but that doesn’t mean you can drop it altogether. It’s still important to develop article and blog content that invokes some sort of feeling, whether it’s humor, surprise, interest, happiness or otherwise. Make sure most of the content you share with your followers has some sort of emotion attached to it.
  • Market as though you’re speak with an individual: Obviously, your marketing content is going to be geared toward thousands of people at once. But you should still write everything, including blog content, press releases and social media updates, as though you’re speaking with a single person. It gives your content a much more conversational, friendly tone—and makes it more likely your customers will want to engage with you.
  • Change up the message: Think about it—your friends would get bored or annoyed if you told the same stories over and over again. Wouldn’t your customers get bored if you use the same content repeatedly? Maintain fresh, up-to-date blog content writing on your website. Change up your landing pages, keep posting new content to your blog and make sure you’re staying engaged on social media. Put an expiration date on your marketing campaigns and then try something new so you’re not constantly communicating the same messages.
  • Keep it simple and concise: You have a very short window of time to draw the attention of your followers online. You don’t have a captive audience like you do in face-to-face communications. Thus, you should make sure you deliver your message as concisely and clearly as possible so that your followers quickly get the information they need and retain it going forward. Otherwise, you risk having them tune you out.

If you need assistance creating informative and compelling blog content, articles, social media content and other forms of digital communication, work with a professional copywriter.