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Travel Writers Boost Your Agency’s Exposure

As a travel agent, you’ve got all the knowledge and connections to help your customers explore destinations around the world. But are you effectively selling them on the right packages or solutions? If not, you’re losing out on upsell opportunities, and your clients could be missing out on their dream vacations.

ProPRcopy’s travel writers put your most enticing deals into words, to help you close the best deals possible. Whether you need packaged services or you’re looking for an ongoing travel blogger to profile destinations, our writers are ready. We use benefits-driven language and descriptive verbiage to paint a picture of just how exciting travel can be.

Let us help you communicate with your clients, to show them the many great destinations you can help them explore. We have experience writing for focuses throughout the tourism and travel industry—from family vacations and destination weddings, to corporate and educational travel. Our tenured team of tourism writers can write for blogs, websites, email newsletters, social media and more!

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Tourism from the United States was a $503B industry in 2016. Travel content marketing is expected to drive that number even higher.

By 2027, tourism is expected to make up 9.7% of total United States GDP. The travel industry is only growing thanks to online information about destinations.

1.2B people traveled internationally in 2016. A majority research travel blogs online and book trips through a travel agent.

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