social media content writingThere are many people out there who read tweets on Twitter without ever actually registering for an account. Now, the social media network has reportedly found a way to monetize those users without forcing them to register.

Previously, advertisements on Twitter had be
en tailored specifically to the preferences and interests of registered users. Under the new model, however, non-registered users (or users who are not logged in to their accounts) are counted as part of the network’s audience, and will also be shown ads. These ads will show up on the timelines of other users—as well as on Twitter’s home page—and will be targeted toward interests based on factors like the user’s search history.

A bigger user base

Twitter estimates there are about 500 million people every month who see tweets, but do not sign into the network. This includes people who see tweets show up in Google searches, thanks to the new partnership struck between Google and Twitter earlier this year, along with people who look at or the profile pages of users.

Over the past two years, Twitter has struggled with a lack of growth in its user base. Rather than trying to push for continued growth, the company’s plan seems to be shifting toward finding new ways to boost monetization. With 300 million active users and 500 million non-registered users seeing tweets, Twitter’s total audience becomes more than twice its current size, which is definitely a compelling fact for marketers who may have been hesitant to invest in a social network that isn’t experiencing the continued growth of, say, Facebook or Instagram.

Twitter’s stock went up 7 percent after it announced the new advertising strategy, so it would seem Wall Street approves of the decision. It’s a welcome boost for the company’s stock value, which was hovering around low points for the year after being worth approximately twice as much in April.

For content marketers, it appears that Twitter will continue to be a wise investment of time and money when it comes to developing rich, informative social media content writing.