In marketing, one thing has always been true — consumers love free advice. Whether it’s an article or blog post touting exercise tips or a YouTube video on how to give yourself a haircut, there’s certainly no shortage of interest in free expert (or, sometimes, not-so-expert) opinions.

In a time when information can be shared more quickly and easily than ever before, savvy business owners are wise to integrate advice from their own skilled employees or business partners into their marketing strategies. One easy way to do this is by publishing interviews through your blog content, social media and website copy.

For example, let’s say you’ve just opened up a small teashop and are looking for ways to gain visibility in your local area. Consider interviewing your wholesale tea supplier and posting the transcript on your blog. Ask questions highlighting the supplier’s area of expertise when it comes to different types of tea, growing and harvesting methods and any other industry-specific information you can think of. Those interested in your subject matter will want to read the interview and potentially share it with others, boosting interest in your business.

Maybe you’re part of a small tech startup. Try publishing an interview with one of your programmers about ways to learn programming from home for free, and include a link to the interview on your social media profile. The possibilities are nearly endless, and every company is bound to have at least a couple interesting, qualified professionals to showcase in their article or blog content.

This simple marketing method can do wonders for a business of any size. For a larger business, publishing interviews can help give your company a more intimate, personalized feel while highlighting the appreciation you show for your employees. Small businesses will benefit from asserting their expertise and qualifications. You can further promote your content through press release writing, social media and a variety of other channels.

Of course, bigger and more far-reaching marketing strategies will be necessary to make sure your company becomes, and remains, highly visible — but as we all know, it pays to use the resources at your disposal. Reaching out to your customer base using the wealth of information and expertise found right in your own organization may make more of a difference than you think.

Kristin Pugmire is a senior copywriter with ProPRcopy, a world-leading copywriting service that provides high-quality press releases, blog content, articles, website copy and more.