Patients come into your dental office for many reasons—most importantly, because they trust the quality of care you provide. They look to you for advice, expertise and information, including to help them understand what procedures they’ll go through and why.

It can be difficult for patients to understand the jargon that’s thrown around in the dental field. That’s why you need a good dental blog writer and an active blog on your website.

How can a blog help patients?

There are many benefits to having a writer consistently produce dental blogs for your practice. First among them is education. A blog post is a simple way to help patients understand what to expect before they arrive for a procedure. This helps quell any nerves they might have coming in to your office. When they know exactly what will happen during their appointment, they’re less likely to fear what they don’t know.

Showcase your expertise to patients

A dental blog writer can also help you display your expertise—whether it’s general dentistry knowledge or experience in a specialty field, like cosmetic dentistry. Patients want the services of a dentist office only if they’re certain that office knows what they’re doing!

Dental blog posts discuss a wide range of topics, which patients can browse at their leisure. In reading them, they’ll have a better understanding of the services offer. This is especially useful for patients who research several dental practices online before committing to one. If you have an active dental blog, your office has an advantage over the competition.

Blogs are where patients go in search of answers. They won’t have as much knowledge about dentistry as you, so blog posts show you want to offer your support. Working with a dental blog writer provides a great opportunity to address questions where it’s most convenient for the patient. Blog posts can take the form of FAQs or communicate high-level dentistry concepts through clear, concise writing. With a well-tended blog, your office’s website becomes a repository of helpful, accessible information. It’s yet another convenience you can provide for them.

Your dental blog as a marketing tool

An active dental blog is a good way to develop credibility among your patients and the community. People will know you care about their comfort during a procedure, and will keep coming back in the future—even recommending your practice to friends, relatives and coworkers!

Dental blogging also helps spread the word about you. Patients often turn to the internet when they have a question or want to expand their knowledge on a subject. If your practice has a blog, its posts will likely show up in Google’s local search results. If patients like what they read, they’re more apt to share it with others. When patients help spread the word about your services, your practice’s following grows. It’s the digital age’s word-of-mouth, and it’s a powerful force!

Use a dental blog writer to bridge the gap

Closing the gap between your practice’s capabilities and the needs of patients is the most important role of a dental blog. To accomplish this, work with someone who understands both sides—someone who can build a strong bridge between them.

Partnering with a dental blog writer can only help your practice. You’ll see the most benefit from writers who are knowledgeable about dentistry, who know how to translate complex topics into easy-to-understand language for your patients. From there, it’s about consistently producing good blog content that’s relevant and informative, to establish your practice as one people trust.

To learn more about the benefits of dental blogging or for help getting your practice’s blog up and running, contact ProPRcopy today. Our experienced dental writers can help you build an editorial calendar that keeps your patients engaged and informed about the services you offer.