Dental articles provide patients knowledge about staying healthy and addressing oral health concerns. They discuss everything from daily dental care routines to the latest technologies. A dental article even informs patients about their options before they commit to a procedure.

In the context of your practice’s online presence, your website’s blog is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, experience and what you can offer to patients! If you’re wondering how to make the best use of your blog and individual articles, consider devoting some time to these topics.

Basic Oral Hygiene Tips

The best way to help your patients is to educate them about oral hygiene. Patients save money in the long run with simple steps like flossing daily and scheduling regular visits to your dental office. Good oral hygiene prevents cavities, gum disease, and other complications that result in costly dental procedures.

Your dental articles should let patients know that simple oral hygiene habits go a long way. It should discuss habits that are easy for patients to incorporate into their daily routine. These habits include proper brushing techniques, eating healthy foods, and using toothpaste that’s a good fit for your patients.

Common Dental Procedures

Patients need to know what to expect about a procedure before they arrive for their appointment. This is where a dental article can be useful. Tell them about the procedures you offer, especially the most common ones. Then, demystify them a little in plain English. This is where having a good dental writer comes in handy.

Patients will especially want to learn about procedures that are more involved and expensive. Your dental writer should walk patients through all the steps, so they understand everything that will happen. It’s especially beneficial to cover procedures like braces, surgery, filling cavities, and dental implants.

Patients also want to know about quick and easy procedures you’re used to doing every day. Make sure your dental article writer discusses cleanings, fluoride treatments, oral x-rays and the like.

Solutions and Technology

Patients come to your office because they have health problems and are seeking solutions. Educate patients about their options so they can choose the solution that’s best for their budget. For instance, explain the benefits and drawbacks of different ways to straighten crooked teeth. One article could talk about traditional wire braces while another promotes innovative Invisalign braces.

In addition to solutions, your dental article writer should also create blog posts about state-of-the-art technology used in your office. A dental blog allows you to brag about your new X-ray equipment that keeps patients’ comfort in mind. Another post could talk about a new type of surgery that’s minimally invasive. The blog is your chance to show off your dedication to cutting-edge practices and products.

Patients will be happy to know about the latest health trends. For example, have your dental blogger write about activated charcoal toothpaste. Some brands sell toothpaste with charcoal because it removes stains and impurities. Patients like the idea that one simple ingredient (charcoal) will give them whiter teeth! It’s something they might not have known that they can now credit to your practice when they tell their friends and family.

It’s exciting to discover new ways to solve dental problems. However, make sure your patients know the pros and cons of new health trends. Patients will depend on you to be transparent about how these trends will affect their health. A blog with easy-to-read articles is the ideal forum for discussing this.

A knowledgeable dental content writer understands the best ways to speak with your patients—and they also know the potential your dental blog has. The right topics written in the right way are the key to establishing your practice as one that’s trustworthy, knowledgeable and innovative.

To learn more about the benefits of dental blogging or for help getting your practice’s blog up and running, contact ProPRcopy today. Our experienced dental writers can help you build an editorial calendar that keeps your patients engaged and informed about the services you offer.