blog writers, blogging writersWhen your business is engaged in a content marketing strategy, one of your primary areas of focus is likely your blog. Creating quality, informative blog content may come easily at first, but as you exhaust your initial topic ideas, it can become very difficult to keep up with your content. Many business owners and marketers find themselves soon struggling to develop strong ideas to cover in their blog writing.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of free sources of concepts and ideas you could be overlooking as you conduct your topic research. Here are a few places our professional blog writers are always sure to look when helping our clients develop their editorial calendars:

Previous evergreen content

The average lifespan of a published article or piece of blog content is somewhere between two and three days, after which the traffic that goes to that piece will significantly drop. However, you’ve likely created “evergreen” content that always applies to your readers, even if the traffic has declined after a few days.

Take some of your previous evergreen content and rework it for new mediums, sharing it again on social media and placing it in your e-newsletters. Search engines like to see updates to existing content, and you can get more traffic to older blog posts without having to expend the energy needed to write on an entirely new subject.

Presentations and webinars

Take information presented in webinars or meetings and turn it into a series of written pieces of blog content. In many cases, these presentations are long enough that you can get several articles out of them. Anyone who was not able to attend the presentation or webinar will appreciate getting some of the information you presented.

Other writers

Reach out to other blog writers in your field whose work you admire, and ask them to write a guest post for your website. This is a great opportunity for them to display their writing and knowledge to a new audience, and it gives you more content for your website that you don’t have to create yourself.

It could also help you forge a valuable industry connection—and you never know when that might benefit you in the future.

Create aggregate posts

If you come across useful or interesting content on the web you think your readers would enjoy, you can create aggregate posts with short introductions and then links to the content you wish to share.

Creating brand-new blog content is not your only option when attempting to keep up with or ramp up your content marketing strategy. Investigate these options as you and your blog writers formulate strong content ideas.

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