When you think about content marketing, the first thing that might come to mind is condensing your messages so that they fit into 140 characters or less. However, in many instances, brevity is not the ultimate goal—especially if your target audience tends to need more detailed information before engaging your brand.

By far, the greatest benefit of working with white paper writers is to generate leads. Although some brands actually charge for long articles and white papers, a majority allow readers to download them for free from their websites, asking only for the users’ contact information in exchange. The brand will then follow up white paper writerswith targeted marketing, including email, once the user has downloaded the document.

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More broadly, however, white paper writers give you the opportunity to showcase your expertise in your particular market or industry. When done well, they allow you to attract visitors to your website and engage existing and potential customers in a new way. And when you’re able to do that, you can improve your search results on Google, Bing and the rest.

Keep the following in mind as you create your white paper:

Focus on research

A good white paper will discuss a relevant issue in your industry. For example, an accounting firm might develop a white paper detailing some of the recent changes in the tax code and how they impact small business owners.

Regardless of the perspective you offer, make sure it’s back by solid research. Demonstrate why the issue matters in your space and why your company has decided to focus on it. This allows you to gain exposure to your brand while informing and engaging readers, showcasing your knowledge and building substantial trust in the process.

Offer solutions

In most cases, a white paper should focus the most attention on the issue in question. However, you should also make clear in the paper that your brand offers solutions, especially if you’ve highlighted a common challenge for your target audience. Back this up by offering case studies or examples of the success you’ve had related to this issue in the past. This will set you apart from your competitors and show your potential customers that you have the skill and expertise to make a difference for them.

Make it readable

Although you should have sound, informative content within your white paper, make sure it isn’t too text-heavy by incorporating graphics and images that improve readability. You may also choose to link to credible resources and studies, embed graphs or videos that back your arguments and include links to your social media content and pages.

White papers are not always easy to write, but they are a key component to many content marketing campaigns. Consider working with a team of professional white paper writers to ghost write your paper, if needed. Make the investment to engage your clients and find new, high-quality leads to the benefit of your business.

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