If you own or manage a business, any new developments you make are exciting to you, and you might want to share them with the world. However, some brands doubt whether or not their news will really matter to others. After all, will anyone really care if you hire a new manager or extend your business hours?

The answer is yes, and you shouldn’t be shy about sharing your news — even if you don’t think the subject is particularly groundbreaking. In fact, if you have a customer base for your products and services, you’ve got an audience for your news. And by writing a press release and distributing it online, you can showcase the fact that your company is committed to growing and innovating.

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One reason to develop regular press releases is to position your brand as a leader in its industry, and the best way to do this is by creating a sense of momentum associated with your brand. Some news items — such as the release of a new product or service — are more compelling than others, although any significant, positive developments can make for a good press release.

Let’s say you’ve recently promoted a staff member to a management position. This might be a fairly common occurrence within your company, but a well-written press release gives people the impression that your business continues to grow. Potential customers want to work with a company that’s progressing forward rather than standing still or moving backward, as it reflects on the quality you offer.

In addition to your most obvious audience, your customers, there are a number of different media members you might want to target with your press release writing. Trade publications or industry magazines are a great start. If you are in the cosmetics industry, for example, you should keep publications like Modern Salon, SELF and Cosmetic World in mind when writing your press release. These trade publications carry a great deal of credibility, and if you’re lucky enough to have an article written about your brand, it can earn you unparalleled attention from new customers.

Today, bloggers are perhaps equally as important as trade publication journalists. There are blogs focusing on virtually any industry you can imagine, with many garnering thousands of reads per day. In fact, many bloggers rely heavily on press release wire services like PRWeb and Business Wire for content ideas.

Both bloggers and trade publication writers take notice of momentum developed by brands, and so your chances of getting noticed increase as you create and distribute more press releases.

If you’d like to see what other companies are doing in terms of press releases, PRWeb.com is a great resource. The site allows you to check out the releases of organizations across thousands of industries. Perhaps just as importantly, you can see what you’re competitors are doing with their press release campaigns.

The next time you unveil a new service, hire an executive, launch a new website, open a new location or take any other step forward with your business, consider the benefits of sending out a high-quality press release to share your news with the world.

Allison Lewis is an associate editor with ProPRcopy LLC