outsourcing content writers


It’s a common challenge for today’s public relations and marketing agencies. With the dominance of content marketing, these firms often find a demand for creating informative, compelling content for their clients, but finding the capacity to create this content is incredibly challenging.

That’s why so many of these firms have turned to outsourced copywriting services to help them fulfill on the ever-increasing amounts of blog content, articles, refreshed website copy, social media content and press releases they need for their customers.

Working with an established content writing provider offers a number of key benefits over hiring more staff or working with freelancers, including:

  • The quality is unbeatable: Copywriters who work for content creation services are trained professionals who know how to write exceptional content for your clients. This goes beyond making sure the writing is grammatically correct—good writers understand how to develop compelling, informative content for businesses across a wide range of industries.
  • It’s cost-effective: Rather than paying one or more full-time staff members to handle your content writing needs, you only have to pay for content when you need it when you work with an outsourced copywriting service provider. This allows you to save significantly on costs and achieve better margins.
  • Missed deadlines are a thing of the past: The content marketing world is a lot like journalism—missed deadlines can wreak havoc. Outsourcing your content writing to a team of professionals ensures you get the content in a timely manner, and your clients will be impressed with how responsive you’re able to be to meet their needs.
  • You get greater flexibility: Companies providing outsourced copywriting services can create content for a wide range of formats, including blog posts, articles, press releases, website copy, social media, white papers, email marketing and more.
  • A new voice and perspective: When you’re too close to a project or a company, it can become difficult to think outside of the box. Bringing in people with a fresh perspective will allow you to deliver more creative content to your customers.

Marketing and PR firms are no longer stuck making the choice between hiring a freelance writer and hiring another staff member. There is a third and better option—working with a team of skilled copywriters at a professional content creation firm.

Choosing the right outsourced content writing service

Whenever you’re considering outsourcing any of your processes, you need to be sure you are getting consistent quality from your new partner. The initial inclination may be to work with a freelance content writer, but this isn’t necessarily the best idea, as freelancers can be difficult to track down and there’s never any guarantee that deadlines will be hit.

The great thing about content writers who work for content creation firms is that they have been fully vetted and have exceptional talent, along with subject-specific experience. Thus, there’s much less of an “adjustment period” in which you have to train your new writer about the topics at hand—they’ll likely be able to jump in and provide top-quality content right away.

Remember: the content you deliver to your clients reflects on your agency, even if you’re no longer writing it in-house. Consider an outsourced content writing provider to ensure you continue to provide your clients with the very best service possible.