how to write an articleWriting an informative article is one thing. Making sure your audience reads it can be something else entirely.

If you’re wondering how to write an article that people actually read, you must first understand best practices in digital content creation. This will allow you to develop articles that are easy to digest and likely to attract and retain readers—even if they don’t take in every single word.

Publishing a readable article means creating content readers can quickly scan. Below are some pointers:

Be concise and direct

Readers of digital content prefer short, concise sentences and paragraphs that are no longer than 3-4 sentences each. Longer paragraphs result in large blocks of text that can be overwhelming to your readers. Break up your content so that readers don’t have to take in too much at once.

Incorporate sub-headers

Sub-headers help organize your content. They should be descriptive and relevant to the content that follows them. This allows readers to easily scan through your content, looking for the information that’s most relevant to them.

Pick the right font

Use clear, easy-to-read font. Larger font is easier on the eyes, and somewhere between 14- to 16-point font typically works best. The more space between the lines of text, the easier it is to read and scan. Opt for 20- to 24-pixel spacing.

Although serif fonts might feel more formal or professional, sans-serif fonts are easier to read on screens. In case you’re wondering, this article explains the difference between the two.

Use the right structure

The way you structure your article matters. It helps point to which content and ideas are most important for the reader. Use the “inverted pyramid” format for your articles, with the most important content at the beginning. It’s an age-old journalism technique that’s quite relevant today.

Maintain cognitive fluency

Make your content easy to contemplate. Use familiar words and phrases, and write at a seventh- or eighth-grade level. Avoid using industry jargon, as it could alienate or confuse your readers. Instead, try to write in a conversational manner, which tends to be simple and concise.

These tips should give you a better understanding of how to write an article that enhances your digital marketing strategy. If you could use a little help, reach out to a team of professional article writers.